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sac louis vuitton Stock market investment philosop

In life,jordan pas cher,sac vuitton, everyone think that they are smarter than others.As a part of life,sac louis vuitton [] the moon look life in full bl,sac louis vuitton, the stock market investors,louboutin, is also popular with such infectious diseases: every investor thinks they are smarter than others.
China Securities Investor Protection Fund survey shows that: from the investor education situation,louboutin paris, A shares in a doctoral degree accounted for 0.76% of the total number of investigation,christian louboutin pas cher,sacs louis vuitton, master degree accounted for 4.
70%,sac louis vuitton, undergraduate degree accounted for 44.04% of the total number of investigation.Can say,sac louis vuitton,air jordan pas cher sac louis vuitton Good news is expected to promote,jordan pas cher, investors, most are very clever,christian louboutin,louis vuitton site officiel,chaussure air jordan, but more clever than others this argument may have problems.Therefore,air jordan femme, when smart people meet together,sac vuitton, most people's idea of "win",air jordan,louis vuitton sac, in fact very difficult opponent.
Relatively speaking,louis vuitton borse, wait for your opponent to error is relatively easy to do.No need to think about to defeat a large number of smart people,sac vuitton,chaussure air jordan sacs louis vuitton Jewelry - Gold Channel - financ,air jordan, this is the movie "mission impossible" is described in the "mission impossible".

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sac vuitton November 24th futures helmsman, offer

[] [] [the Dow index] [] [] on Shanghai zinc glue [] [] the American cotton beans for personal point of view,louis vuitton site officiel, make all-out efforts,louboutin paris,sac vuitton,louis vuitton sito ufficiale sacs louis vuitton Chongqing beer - Finance blog -,air jordan pas cher, objective interpretation and use of fifteen years of combat experience interpretation,sac vuitton,chaussure air jordan sac vuitton Whether the adjustment and, for reference only.
Early analysis is based on the outer surface and combined with domestic made early deployment because futures vary from minute to minute,air jordan, the actual operation should be according to the random and move more firm firm trend after the broadcast and please contact.
Firm profile: to provide investors with timely guidance and service,nike air jordan,louis vuitton sac vuitton May - blog tag - Finance blog,sac louis vuitton,chaussures louboutin, the classroom has opened firm broadcast,air jordan femme,borse louis vuitton,nike air jordan, intraday live offer guidance,jordan pas cher,sac louis vuitton,jordan, with the majority of investors share offer views.8: 30-9: 00 early analysis according to the outer movements deployed after operation,sac vuitton, for the days of operation plan ahead.
(the content of this paper is the assistant according to Wang early finishing.)9: 00-15: 00 firm offer guidance to use technical analysis to make objective analysis,sac louis vuitton, after the trend.This is a personal point of view,sac louis vuitton, make all-out efforts,christian louboutin pas cher, objective interpretation and use of fifteen years of combat experience interpretation,sacs louis vuitton, for reference only.

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sac vuitton The fate of the euro - economic expert

In 1961, the United States ,the world brand laboratory Columbia University professor and chairman ,1999NobelPrize Laureate in economics ,the theory of optimum currency area founder Robert Mundell in an article on the most appropriate monetary zone put forward first when ,where several regions of the country to give up the currency sovereignty ,louis vuitton site officiel,and use the common currency will good this important problem .
Mundell thinks ,establish a common currency is trading cost is decreased and the relative price of uncertain factors are reduced .But Mundell also studied the common currency may exist problems,air jordan louis vuitton borse Iron ore - blog tag, among which the most important is :when a regional demand change or asymmetric shocks ,so that real wages to fall, it is difficult to make the employment rate is maintained at a high level .
So Mundell, a common currency area such as the need for robust operation ,there must be a high degree of labor flow rate to meet ,jordan pas cher,to offset the interference .In the common monetary area within a certain area appears asymmetric shocks ,if the area has a high mobility rate ,can maintain full employment .
Europe was Mundell most appropriate monetary area .The euro ( EURO ) is from 1992 for the establishment of the European Economic and Monetary Union ( EMU ) in Maastricht signed the Treaty of the European Union as determined by the unified legal currency .
Member states are required to satisfy a series of stringent standards ,such as the budget deficit must not exceed 3% of GDP,indebted rate is less than 60% of the GDP ,inflation and interest rates close to the EU average .
As the euro theory founder, Mundell on the birth of Euro High evaluation .Mundell in an article published in the said ,the euro may be the start of the first World War dollar pounds to replace the dominant currency since the position in the international monetary system ,the most important development .
Mundell was also known as the father of euro .Euros ( ?Huai ?/ font > EUR ) is the European Union in 2009sixteen national currencies,the sixteen countries are :Austria ,Belgium ,Finland ,France ,Germany ,Greece ,Ireland ,Italy ,Luxemburg ,Holland ,louis vuitton sac,Portugal ,Slovenia ,Spain ,Malta ,Cyprus and Slovakia ,these countries are collectively referred to as the euro district .
The euro in Hongkong, commonly known as the euro .January 1, 1999 euro in Austria,Belgium ,France ,Germany ,Finland ,Holland ,Luxemburg ,Ireland ,Italy ,Portugal and Spain,louboutin paris, 11 countries( hereinafter referred to as the euro area countries ) formally started in January 1, 2002 11,and replaced the currency of the country .
Greece in 2000 to join the euro zone ,becoming its twelfth member nations .Slovenia in January 1, 2007 to join the euro zone ,became the thirteenth member .Cyprus in January 1,sac louis vuitton, 2008 zero hour together with Malta to join the euro zone .
Slovakia in 2008 to reach the standardand in January 1, 2009 to join the euro zone, so that the euro area member states from 13 to 16 in 2009.In 2010 one quarter of the euro zone has 16 member countries and more than 300000000 8 ten millionpopulation .
Now 27 members of the EUhas more than half of the country joined the euro, but Europe economies in Britain and other minority countries due to take into account the interests relations reasons still into the euro zone .
The euro is from the Rome empire in Europe since the most significant results of monetary reform .Euro of European single market not only makes perfect ,between eurozone countries free trade more convenient ,but also is an important part in the process of European integration .
Although Monaco ,San Marino and the Vatican is not the EU countries ,chaussure air jordan,but due to their previous use of French francs or Italy lira as currency ,now use the euro and authorized casting small amounts of their own euro coins .
Some of the European countries and regions ,christian louboutin,such as Montenegro ,Kosovo and Andorra ,also uses the euro as the means of payment .European Central Bank and the euro zone countries central bank consisting of the European system of central banks manage .
The headquarters is located in Germany and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt have independent monetary policy power ,louis vuitton site officiel,eurozone central banks in the euro banknotes and coins Euro printing ,casting and distribution ,and is responsible for the eurozone payment system operation .
The reason why the European Union to implement the unified currency ,sac louis vuitton,mainly promoting European national political and economical status need .Before the Second World War in Europe ,sacs louis vuitton,air jordan pas cher,with its strong economic strength ,have long been dominating in the world .
After World War II, the European countries in the world to drop substantially ,with the European recovery program, European countries more and more hope in the political ,economic union, in order to achieve and the United States ,Japan and other economic powers contend with the purpose of .
Euro money market circulation from 2002 221000000000 euros in January,12at the end of2007has increased nearly3 timesup to about 600000000000 euros by the end of 2009 ,grow more .The euro as the monetary means of payment ,louboutin,the annual trade volume of about 300000000000 euros,of which 80% for cash .
The circulation of euro is also extended to the euro zone range, its transaction volume accounted for the market circulation of euro 10-20%.The circulation of Euro on European economy has brought a lot of benefits ,especially to suppress inflation and low interest rates to a more prominent role ,while the lower interest rates and inflation on most of the European working classes .
The euro also has a strong ability to respond to fluctuations in currency exchange rates ,contribute to the suppression of imported products ( including oil ) price within the euro area ,promote trade and investment growth and reduce dependence on foreign ,the euro has the euro area travel is very convenient and reduce travel costs ,making the EU internal market transparency is beneficial to market competition .
With the price system stability and European financial market integration scale, Euro vs dollar traditional status ,and gradually develop its international monetary effect .The birth of the euro and the use of oil produced major effect .
The euro zone than in the United States to import more oil for consumption ,which means that the euro will more than dollars into those not only dollar-denominated oil OPEC countries ( OPEC ) .
This requires the petroleum import country reserve euros instead of dollars for oil imports .The United States of America deficit economy depends heavily on the dollar as a reserve currency dominance and brought a variety of American debt and deficits in the security role .
If the dollar does not have the dominant position ,and the United States dollar economy may be experienced in many Latin American countries experienced a crisis in 1980 .Euro enough to threaten the dominance of the dollar ,and in the particular case of the United States of America leads to economic collapse .
In April 25, 2007, the EU Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia says the euro ,the growing international power worth on the stage in the world occupy a more important position as well as identified in the major financial organizations in their own position .
Euro dollar back sooner or later also is inevitable .In 2007 March,sac louis vuitton,began in the United States Wall Street financial tsunami once euro to further enhance the position provided opportunities .
Accompanied by a strong euro Road ,about the euro hot euro assets ,launch a challenge to the dollar in the euro 2009 10 one full year of lifecan be heard without end .But because the Dubai debt crisis of Greece in 2010 2 at the beginning ofa private club in the United States New York Manhattan held a private party ,in the SA C Capital A dvISors at LP ,Soros fund management company and several other funds on behalf of the company and other capital predators are discussed some foreign exchange issues ,including the European sovereign debt crisis .
The meeting was raised in Europe bad economy and debt situation is not sufficient to support the euro at the time of the trend ,some people thought that the euro should fell to $ with equal price ,is a more than a .
After the meeting, a number of hedge fund began deployment to snipe the euro :the highest recorded since 1999 --60000short the eurofutures contracts on a private dinner is held the week of February 10, 2010 ,private party ,sac vuitton,the euro has sold a lot of ,the euro against the U.
S. dollar fell below 1.36 ,fall 126base point.In the evening after a month, betting the Euro euro short position size and rapid growth from $7000000000 in 73%to nearly $12100000000 .The most famous short from financial predators Soros ,louis vuitton outlet,financial predators Soros through the media to the market release signal that bearish euro .
Soros with a warning tone said :if the European Union does not solve its financial problems ,nike air jordan,the fate of the euro will crumble .Of course ,some people think that financial speculators Soros only represents his personal and play the Games in euro .
Indeed, there is no evidence that Soros behavior and some political body directly .However ,chaussure air jordan,Soros headed by hedge fund groups are largely on behalf of dollar assets or say dollar interest .
The eurozone by the Greek debt crisis drags on, the crisis has exposed the eurozone internal defects is more about the euro confidence to sell at a discount greatly .As the euro zone only unified monetary policy without unification of financial policy ,this one or two yuan structure as the Greek debt crisis development has provided the conditions .
The euro zone system lack to the euro zone member of finance supervision and intervention .Although the EU stability and growth pact for members provided fiscal discipline ,but due to the lack of punitive means causes such as Greece, members are still persist in one of perennial exceed the standard .
As the euro zone there is no uniform Ministry of finance ,when the area of a member debt crisis ,sac vuitton,nike air jordan,as a result of the Treaty on European Union and the European Central Bank has the clause ,a member can only use their financial security and potential single force thin in be isolated and helpless state ,thus a member are susceptible to speculators attack ,become drive down the euro breach .
If the Greek debt crisis to the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) ,this means that the euro zone to abandon themselves, also means within the euro zone Greece even last can not find ,jordan,the euro confidence will be unprecedented blow .
A crisis can not protect themselves and how to challenge the dollar euro !In April 16, 2010, the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou asked the European Commission ,louis vuitton borse louis vuitton borse Fast or slow up bull feature b,the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund in April 19, 2010 in Athens held the meeting ,air jordan femme sac vuitton The main squeeze small plate, the gem,implying that the Greek government closer to trigger a $61000000000 rescue plan.
The euro bailout for Greece to other countries had a bad precedent ,the risk may also lead to investors bring serious influence ,and eventually may make Germany out of the euro .February 11, 2010, ( from left to right ) of the European Commission President Luo Zuo ,German Chancellor Angela Merkel ,the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou ,France Fan Longpei and the permanent president of the European Council in Brussels Belgium EU Council Building chat .


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